Who's Who in the Wardrobe

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Article number: K-042
Title: Who is who in the wardrobe
Fashions and their namesakes
Author(s): Kera Till

ISBN: 3455370152
EAN: 9783455370157

13.7 cm / 18.3 cm / 1.2 cm (W/H/D).
Atlantic Publishing

16 September 2014 - paperback - 65 pages


A funny and stylish fashion and gift book with texts by Julia Werner. Oscar Wilde might have said that only someone who has a dessert named after them - or at least a tie knot - is truly famous. And many a celebrity has actually set trends that have contributed to their immortality. A whole style has developed from a small quirk, a simple accessory has become an iconic prop. With a pencil and brush, Kera Till takes an amusing walk through fashion history - from the costume of the founding father Adam to the Prince Heinrich hat and the famous Kelly bag to the summer Stoiber.

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